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My name is Marie-Ève and I am the creator and artist of

Ève Arthouse. I would like to welcome you into my artistic world and I hope you enjoy!

The story

I come from a loving home in one of the most beautiful rural parts of Quebec, Canada, surrounded by a peaceful nature where limits were few. I grew up to be in touch with my creative mind and in connection with our inspiring planet. I quickly found myself drawn to artistic expressions.


Through the years, I experimented many different art forms which helped to sharpen my artistic skills.


I created Ève Arthouse as a platform to regroup all of my creative projects. 

The goal

I have been active with this project for the past 3 years and it has been a blessing to be able to follow this creative endeavour! It has evolved so much since the beginning and I'm exited to see the ongoing transformation that is yet to take place! 

Ève Arthouse will keep working hard to stay truth to the people, the environment and

 this beautiful planet that we call home. 


Keep it simple.

Keep it unique and original.

Keep it personal.

and hopefully, bring you joy!


Welcome to Ève Arthouse and thank you for your support!


Marie-Ève Nelson






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